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Don’t overcrowd your mind with bright ideas—capture your API requirements and manage them with ease
Scribbling your API requirements is a cup-of-tea
Use Kanban tickets to record API requirements and link them with relevant APIs.
Bring out the API-friendly Charles Darwin in you
The built-in Kanban board visually represents API requirements for efficient prioritization, effective collaboration, and holistic progress tracking that underpins productive API requirement evolution.
API design and dev
A magic wand to create APIs for secure and efficient communication
You don’t need magic to create good APIs
Visually appealing tooling that enforces industry-grade standards and best practices on your APIs.
Collaborate to innovate
Visually track and prioritize API features, enhancements, and bug fixtures and distribute them for parallel incorporation.
API review
You don’t fully trust your API work, do you? We don’t either!
Make it structured
A standardized API review process with Kanban board and respective API statuses.
Make it obvious
In-line comments let you share your review feedback for APIs and assign them to the relevant parties.
Compare and contrast
Compare different API revisions and versions to share better feedback.
Community support
Synergize your API efforts
Central governance
Get your API artefacts and people under one roof with Xapi organizations and delegate related tasks with Xapi projects
You may either create your own private/public organizations and projects and invite members or self-subscribe to preferred external organizations and projects.
Search and filter finalizsed APIs and models using API categories and organizations through the Xapi API Hub.
Publicize public organization profiles through the Xapi API Hub.
API governance
It’s all about best practices!
Reuse and reduce time and effort
API models enable to create and maintain reusable API blueprints for future references.
Holistic view
API catalogs to give a bird’s eye view of the related APIs and artefacts and to decide on correlated action items.
Bridge the Gap Between Your APIs and the Tools You Love
Boost Collaboration Through Xapi Integration
Connect with your favorite third-party tools and platforms, for code collaboration.
Gateway to a Unified Digital Ecosystem
Xapi acts as a bridge in the API ecosystem, unlocking connections with any third-party platform.